Initial Assessment

The Fit Learning Mission is to Transform the Learning Abilities of All Children Who Walk Through our Doors

The First Step to Transformation is Assessment

If your child is struggling academically, the Fit Learning Assessment will clearly identify why they struggle.

Fit will assess the 50 – 70 individual component skills that come together to make a child proficient in an academic area.

Report cards and Psycho-Educational assessments do not provide a clear map on exactly what deficits are making a child struggle academically. The Fit Learning assessment will tell us precisely WHY a child is struggling academically.

Identifying which core component skills are weak and need attention will form a prescription of exactly what to work on to target and strengthen weak academic areas.

Assessments We Offer

FIT Logic

The Fit Logic assessment will assess 50 different component skills that form the basis of comprehension across a variety of subject areas. A learner that is proficient and fluent in each of these skills will be able to read with comprehension, speak with meaning, listen with understanding write with expression.

FIT Reading

The Fit Reading assessment will assess approximately 70 different component skills that are foundational to be a fluent and proficient reader.

FIT Math

The Fit Math assessment will assess the approximately 60 different components of numeracy and computation that will allow learners to succeed as they progress through higher levels of math

What Happens After The Assessment

After the assessment we will invite you for a 1 hour parent conference (in-person or Zoom). We will walk you through the assessment line by line and outline a plan to remediate any weak areas.

You will be given a copy of the assessment results.

The assessment does not obligate you to continue with Fit Learning in any way.

You can take the assessment results back to teachers, home teams, any professional you wish to use to address the issues highlighted in the assessment

What To Expect In The Report

The results and report generated from the Fit Learning assessment are prescriptive and not especially descriptive. The assessment results provide a road map to remediation. The report will be given to parents to distribute to other professionals on his academic journey.

Each component skill in the report is benchmarked against national average scores for your child’s age and grade.

Things to know about an assessment at Fit Learning

Assessments take about 2.5 hours to run per domain

Assessments are $500 for each domain (reading, math, or logic/comprehension)

Comprehensive assessments (all 3 domains) are $1400

We generally run assessments in person at our lab in Burnaby
(please call if you are geographically unable to come, and we can discuss)

We will only run 1 assessment with a child per day. Fresh learners perform best.

Contact us to schedule your assessment

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