About Fit Learning

At Fit Learning we help transform the lives of each and every child. We strive to help our learners acquire the cognitive and academic skills that will enable them to go forward and make a difference in not only their own lives but in the community as well.

We are honored to have the privilege of impacting the lives of children and families in such profound ways and work tirelessly to improve and evolve our methods such that even more transformative gains can be made with every learner.

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Our Mission

At Fit Learning™, our primary mission is to rapidly accelerate the learning gains of every student who walks through our doors – regardless of age, ability or challenge. We are committed to producing learners who are confident, happy, focused, fluent, and independent. To achieve our mission, we act as scientist-practitioners in our application of behavioural science, evidenced-based instruction, and precise, objective measurement systems. We continually evaluate our effectiveness and never stop improving our methods. We provide outstanding customer service to our families and unparalleled training to our staff. We create a culture of warmth, support, open dialogue, love, contribution, and possibility within our organisation and our community.

More About Fit Learning

In 1998, several graduate students in the behavior analysis program at the University of Nevada, Reno founded Fit Learning in a broom closet. Originally, Center for Advanced Learning, its founders were committed to applying the science of learning for the transformation of mainstream, academic difficulties. As a self-capitalized graduate program, the behavior analysis department at the University of Nevada supported its students in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors that would allow them to develop their clinical skills and provide much needed services to children in the community.

By 2003, the success of that very small program (we aren’t kidding when we say it began in a broom closet!) led to its privatization as a large, bustling learning lab in Reno, Nevada. Since that time, the use of precise progress monitoring systems in combination with the principles of learning science have led to profoundly important discoveries being made about how to rapidly accelerate and transform the learning abilities of any type of learner.

In 2010, Center for Advanced Learning was rebranded as Fit Learning and has grown to include learning laboratories in Locust Valley, New York; Upper East Side, Manhattan; Medford, Oregon; Phoenix, Arizona; Perth, Western Australia, Naperville, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois, San Jose, California; Atlanta, Georgia, and Salem, Virginia.

Program Founders
learning center, Fitlearning Canada

Dr. Kimberly Nix Berens

learning center, Fitlearning Canada

Dr. Nicholas Miller Berens

learning center, Fitlearning Canada

Dr. Kendra Brooks Newsome

learning center, Fitlearning Canada

Dr. Donny Newsome

A life of learning begins with the first step.


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