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Evaluate and Assess

Every child has a unique personality and learning needs. To effectively accelerate your child’s learning we need to evaluate them, which helps us to determine which assessments and recommendations would be the best fit for their learning goals. All evaluations are performed one-on-one by one of our expert Fit Learning Directors. Next, our Comprehensive Skills Assessment identifies your child’s current level of fluency on a vast range of essential, core skills that we have identified as prerequisites to long-term academic success.

learning centre, Fitlearning Canada


Each child’s specific learning program is highly unique, individualized and is designed around the results of our Comprehensive Skills Assessment. We feature a core curriculum of Fit Learning Programs: Fit Writing, Fit Math, Fit Reading, Fit Logic, and Lil’ Fits. Contact us today to learn more about our individual programs.

learning centre, Fitlearning Canada


Learning sessions are designed to be effective but also fun by resembling a sport, where your child participates in fast-paced, goal-oriented, 1-on-1 instructional interactions with a Fit Learning Coach. Our 50-minute coaching sessions are designed to be challenging, but our students are excited to come back and love seeing their gains translate to the classroom.

learning centre, Fitlearning Canada


At Fit Learning there are several layers of certified and dedicated staff that constantly monitor your child’s progress and implement changes to help meet your education goals for your child. The Certified Fit Learning Coaches are empowered to make scientific data based decisions to maximize progress inside each session. A Certified Case Manager reviews progress, and adjusts the programming to ensure learners continue to meet their goals. A Certified Case Advisor audits all data, ensures training targets are being met, and signs off on programming changes. And everything is overseen by the core Lab in Nevada where teams of researchers and PHD’s maintain quality standards and evolve the curriculum.

learning centre, Fitlearning Canada


The Fit Learning Method trains your child to fluency: rapid processing speed and a measure of true mastery or proficiency. This form of “cognitive fitness training” produces improved memory, heightened confidence, increased resistance to distractions and fatigue, and the ability to quickly and effortlessly learn new things. Daily monitoring of the data accumulated in session, and constant program adjustments are the the key to the unparalleled results we consistently deliver. Our method consistently produces 1-2 years of growth in as little as 40 hours. Click here to learn more about 40 hours later.

A life of learning begins with the first step.


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