The Fit Experience

Read a few of the testimonials from parents about Fit Learning and their experience with the Fit Learning program.

After her first 40 hour enrollment, Mable isn’t a perfect reader yet, but she doesn’t try to escape reading anymore. In the past if she came across a word she didn’t know, she wouldn’t attempt it, and we would hear “ I can’t do it”. After this first enrollment, there is a confidence to her approach to reading now. When she sees a word she doesn’t know, she thinks she will figure it out. Reading speed is up, comprehension is up, but the biggest difference is her new level of confidence about reading and her willingness to try.

We feel that the most unique feature of learning here at Fit is that learning can be both personalized and evidence-based. As doctors, we are big on using interventions that are show to actually work! With Fit, we feel that we can trust that our children’s time spent learning with you is always effective.

We have been thrilled with the progress that Janet has made. And more importantly, she is always excited to come to Fit Learning. Her confidence is soaring and her teachers at school have noticed that he is progressing as well. Thank you!

We continue to appreciate and value the level of instruction and growth Justin is receiving and experiencing while enrolled at Fit. Communication regarding his progress is great, and everyone has been willing to go the extra mile to help him succeed. Thank you!

We have been very happy with Ethan’s progress. We see the results in his reading and math abilities and he comes out happy after every session. These methods really work with our child and we can’t recommend Fit Learning highly enough to our friends.

We have been very happy with our experience here! The boys are making great progress. Each instructor has been very amazing, friendly, rewarding and really reinforcing. We could not have had a better experience.

A life of learning begins with the first step.


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