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  • Selina HuynhCertified Fit Learning Coach

    Selina Huynh has been working utilizing ABA to provide direct support to children on the Autism Spectrum with PLG for past 6 years. As a Behaviour Interventionist, Selina has worked with over 20 families supporting individuals from the ages of 2-10. Selina has experience working in various environments such as preschools, summer camps and after school activities. She has also served as the head teacher for social skills groups developed by PLG.

    In August 2012, Selina pursued further education in the field of ABA by completing the Behaviour Intervention Diploma at Douglas College. As Selina continued her work in the field of ABA, she realized the importance of collaboration and continuation of ABA into generalized education settings. As a result, in September 2017, Selina decided to bring her knowledge and skill set to the Surrey School District and began her role as an ABA Support Worker. With her after-school and summer time hours, she continues her work as a Program Manager and Senior Behaviour Interventionist with PLG.

    In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and swimming. She also enjoys scrapbooking and spending time with her dog.

  • Trevor GysbertsenCertified Fit Learning Coach

    Trevor found his passion for teaching and education early in his life. At the age of 15 he began teaching Martial Arts for young children and fell in love with their dynamic energy and opportunity for growth. Later, he stumbled into the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis and realized that was the right fit.

    Trevor completed his Behaviour Interventionist Certification at Douglas College and is now pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a focus in Linguistics.

    Trevor’s fun, friendly, and outgoing nature brings a unique and exciting dynamic to his teaching environment.

    In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and watching documentaries, as well as spending time with his wife and cat at home.

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